Karen Larson

Director of Brand Experience

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After four years of providing Planning Alternatives brand and design services, Karen joined our team as a full-time employee in 2017!  She brings over 25 years of corporate consulting experience to our firm. Karen is responsible for designing an extraordinary service experience for current and potential clients as well as creating engaging work initiatives for employees.

Karen holds a Bachelors of Fine Art in Graphic Communication from the College for Creative Studies. She is involved in various organizations and charities, including serving on the Board of Directors of Heart to Hart Detroit, an organization serving Detroit’s homeless and needy.

List three words that describe a successful journey:

Passion, Happiness, and Family

Describe the longest road trip you’ve been on:

The summer I turned 16 my parents took me and my three younger siblings on a three-week road trip out west. We headed west to Colorado and Utah, then north to Wyoming through the Grand Tetons, and we took the northern route home. Six people and all our luggage in a station wagon. It was a fantastic trip (we hardly fought at all), and an excellent example of planning by my parents!

What brings you joy?

  1. Making art
  2. Camping with my sister and nephews
  3. Taking the time to listen to someone that needs to be heard


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